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光音響イメージングで 新次元の情報を提供

Acoustic X




光吸収物質から得られる情報と、超音波から得られる 情報を同時に取得し、画像表示する装置です。これにより、 従来の技術では、検出する事が難しかった微小血管や、 酸素飽和度の違いを画面に映し出す事ができます。


光音響イメージング装置の高額なコストや、 消費電力の多さなどの従来の課題を、LED光源 の採用により、克服しています。 従来の装置と比べ、小型化にも成功した、 Acoustic Xは、最先端の研究を強力にサポート します。


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Acoustic X Webinar

Acoustic X Webinar#1:
LED-based Photoacoustic Molecular Imaging
Acoustic X Webinar#2:
Tomographic imaging with an LED-based photoacoustic and ultrasound system
Acoustic X Webinar#3:
LED-based photoacoustic imaging for detection and staging of inflammatory arthritis
Acoustic X Webinar#4:
Studies of precision and accuracy in LED-based photoacoustics
Acoustic X Webinar#5:
Guidance of minimally invasive peripheral vascular access procedures using LED-based photoacoustic imaging
Acoustic X Webinar#6:
LED-based photoacoustic imaging system for preclinical cancer research Dr. Srivalleesha Mallidi
Acoustic X Webinar#7:
Photoacoustic Imaging Capabilities of Light-Emitting-Diode (LED) Arrays Dr. Sri-Rajasekhar Kothapalli


Technical validation studies of a dual-wavelength LED-based photoacoustic and ultrasound imaging system

James Joseph, Mithun Kuniyil Ajith Singh, Naoto Sato, and Sarah Bohndiek


·       Technical and biological validation studies of LED-based photoacoustic and ultrasound imaging system (AcousticX)

·       Demonstrated that the dual-wavelength imaging capability of the AcousticX system offers excellent repeatability, reproducibility, and precision in phantoms

·       Small animal imaging studies demonstrated the potential of AcousticX in mapping real-time changes in blood oxygen saturation levels and uptake of exogenous contrast agents

·       This work gives a direct confirmation that AcousticX could be a promising alternative for bulky and expensive laser-based photoacoustic imaging systems in functional and molecular imaging applications

LED-based photoacoustic imaging: From bench to bedside

Mithun Kuniyil Ajith Singh (Editor)


·       First book on LED-based photoacoustic imaging

·       Covers fundamentals, principles, instrumentation, reconstruction, and data/image processing methods

·       Discusses the preclinical and clinical applications of LED-based photoacoustic imaging

·       Includes contributions from industry and academia alike

·       Highlights the opportunities and challenges of clinical translation from an industry perspective

Towards Clinical Translation of LED-Based Photoacoustic Imaging: A Review

Yunhao Zhu, Ting Feng, Qian Cheng, Xueding Wang, Sidan Du, Naoto Sato, Jie Yuan, and Mithun Kuniyil Ajith Singh


·       First scientific review on LED-based photoacoustic imaging

·       Thorough discussion about the development of technology, in a historical perspective

·       Extensively reviewed the range of works from the first report on using LEDs for photoacoustic imaging to latest developments in the field

·       Comparison of different illumination sources used in photoacoustic imaging (lasers, laser diodes and LEDs) in terms of cost, portability, and imaging specifications

·       Summarized all the preclinical and clinical applications of LED-based photoacoustic imaging reported until early 2020

Detecting joint inflammation by an LED-based photoacoustic imaging system: a feasibility study

Junggun Jo, Guan Xu, Yunhao Zhu, Mary Burton, Jeffrey Sarazin, Elena Schiopu, Girish Gandikota, and Xueding Wang


·       First clinical pilot study demonstrating the potential of LED-based photoacoustic imaging in inflammatory arthritis

·       LED-photoacoustic images from 12 joints with clinically active arthritis, five joints with subclinically active arthritis, and 12 normal joints were compared with US doppler

·       LED-photoacoustic imaging offered higher sensitivity than US doppler (gold standard) in detecting angiogenic microvasculature

·       Clear demonstration that LED-based photoacoustic imaging is potentially an excellent portable imaging modality for inflammatory arthritis detection and treatment monitoring

Molecular imaging of oxidative stress using an LED-based photoacoustic imaging system

Ali Hariri, Eric Zhao, Ananthakrishna Soundaram Jeevarathinam, Jeanne Lemaster, Jianjian Zhang, and Jesse V. Jokerst


·       First preclinical study demonstrating the molecular imaging capabilities of LED-based photoacoustics

·       In this work, authors measured RONS (reactive oxygen and nitrogen species) in tissue samples using a near infrared absorbing molecule (CyBA) and LED-based photoacoustic imaging

·       When compared to laser-based photoacoustic imaging systems, no photobleaching was observed while using LED-based system for this highly sensitive molecular imaging application

·       Besides the advantage of significant reduction in the size and cost, authors demonstrate the unprecedented potential of LED-based photoacoustics in molecular imaging

Tomographic imaging with an ultrasound and LED-based photoacoustic system

Kalloor Joseph Francis, Yoeri E. Boink, Maura Dantuma, Mithun Kuniyil Ajith Singh, Srirang Manohar, and Wiendelt Steenbergen


·       Reported a method to realize tomographic ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging using an LED-based photoacoustic and ultrasound system

·       Multiple illumination configurations suitable for human finger and animal brain imaging are explored thoroughly

·       High resolution LED-based photoacoustic and ultrasound images of human finger and animal joints were obtained, demonstrating potential of the method in inflammatory arthritis diagnosis and treatment monitoring in a resource-limited preclinical and clinical setting

·       Proposed method can find a wide range of clinical applications, especially in a point-of-care setting, where inexpensive and compact equipment is a requirement

Handheld Real-Time LED-Based Photoacoustic and Ultrasound Imaging System for Accurate Visualization of Clinical Metal Needles and Superficial Vasculature to Guide Minimally Invasive Procedures

Wenfeng Xia, Mithun Kuniyil Ajith Singh, Efthymios Maneas, Naoto Sato, Yusuke Shigeta, Toshitaka Agano, Sebastian Ourselin, Simeon J. West, and Adrien E. Desjardins


·       First study demonstrating the potential of LED-based photoacoustic imaging in guiding minimally invasive procedures with peripheral vascular targets

·       LED-based PA imaging offered higher contrast in visualizing clinical needle shaft and tip, when compared to ultrasound imaging, the gold standard

·       Using phantom and in vivo human volunteer experiments, authors showed that combined LED-based PA and US imaging holds potential in minimally invasive surgical guidance

·       Demonstrated the potential of portable LED-based system in a resource limited clinical setting for guiding procedures involving metallic clinical needles

Diagnosis and Treatment Monitoring of Port-Wine Stain Using LED-Based Photoacoustics: Theoretical Aspects and First In-Human Clinical Pilot Study

Qian Cheng, Menglu Qian, Xiuli Wang, Haonan Zhang, Peiru Wang, Long Wen, Jing Pan, Ya Gao, Shiying Wu, Mengjiao Zhang, Yingna Chen, Naoto Sato, and Xueding Wang


·       First clinical pilot study demonstrating the potential of LED-based photoacoustic imaging in diagnosis and treatment monitoring of port wine stain

·       Thorough coverage of both the theoretical and clinical experimental aspects

·       22 patients were included in the study and the capability of LED-based PA imaging was compared with gold standard techniques like dermoscopy

·       New LED-photoacoustic based index was developed which can be used as a guiding tool for port wine stain detection and PDT-based treatment monitoring

·       Clearly demonstrated that LED-based photoacoustics can be a valuable tool for early diagnosis and photodynamic therapy monitoring in port wine stain disease 


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AcousticX ユーザー及び研究協力者

CountryNamePositionDepartment/Research GroupInstitute
USA Prof. Xueding Wang Professor, Group Leader Optical Imaging Laboratory Michigan University
USA Dr. Jesse Jokerst Assistant Professor, Group Leader Jokerst Bioimaging Lab UC San Diego
USA Dr. Srivalleesha Mallidi Assistant Professor, Group Leader Integrated Biofunctional Imaging and Therapeutics Laboratory/ Wellman Center of Photomedicine Tufts University/Harvard Medical School
USA Dr. Sri-Rajasekhar Kothapalli Assistant Professor, Group Leader Biophotonics and Ultrasound Imaging Laboratory Pennsylvania State University
USA Dr. Kathyayini Sivasubramanian Post-Doctoral Fellow Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Biomedical Physics Stanford School of Medicine
GBR Prof. Adrien Desjardins Professor, Group Leader Interventional Devices Lab/Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering University College London
GBR Dr. Sarah Bohndiek Professor, Junior Group Leader VISION Lab, Department of Physics, Cavendish Laboratory Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
GBR Dr. Wenfeng Xia Assistant Professor Department of Surgical & Intervention Engineering Kings College London
NLD Prof. Wiendelt Steenbergen Professor, Group Leader, Vice Dean - Research (TNW) Biomedical Photonic Imaging Group University of Twente, the Netherlands
DEU Prof. Alexander Kuehne Professor, Group Leader Institute of Macromolecular and Organic Chemistry Ulm University
ITA Prof. Filippo Molinari Professor, Group Leader Biolab - Department of Electronics and Telecommunications Politecnico di Torino
CHN Prof. Qian Cheng Professor, Group Leader Institute of Acoustics, School of Physics Scienece and Engineering Tongji University
CHN Prof. Terence T. W. Wong Assistant Professor Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
JPN Prof. Yoshifumi Saijo Professor Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering Tohoku University
JPN Prof. Ryo Suzuki Professor Laboratory of Drug and Gene Delivery System Teikyo University
JPN Prof. Yoichi Negishi Professor Department of Drug Delivery and Molecular Biopharmaceutics Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Science
JPN Dr. Yusuke Tajima Senior Research Scientist RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics, Ultrahigh Precision Optics Technology Team RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)
JPN Prof. Tetsuji Uemura Medical Professor University Hospital, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Saga Medical School, Faculty of Medicine, Saga University
High Density High Power LED
690, 750, 820, 850, 940nm,
Combination: 690/850, 750/850, 820/940nm
周波数:1, 2, 3, 4kHzから選択可
128ch 同時受信
Photoacoustic 2D, Ultrasound 2D
AC 100 V - 240 V
ソフトウェア オプション
3Dイメージングパッケージ(自動ステージ制御)、酸素化度解析パッケージ、 High Speed光音響イメージングパッケージ、Raw Data 出力