Business Fields

The Group researches and develops Cybernic technology as a technology that can support human beings in a fully comprehensive manner, especially covering fields ranging from medicine and living support to labor support. The Group is engaged in creating a total system for the optimal combination of humans, robotics and information systems through activities stretching from basic research to the promotion of Cybernic technology as an integral part of our communities.

The Group works to drive forward Cybernic technology, and to develop businesses in the core fields of medicine, living support, and labor support.

HAL® is a representative result of the Group's research and development—an advanced technology that supports humans, created by an optimal combination of humans, robotics and information systems. The Group is building various proprietary business domains centered around HAL®.

Cybernic technology


In this business field, the Company administers robotic medical devices (medical robots), such as HAL® for Medical Use (Lower Limb Type), that provide functional improvement therapy services for patients with disorders related to the brain, nerves, or muscular system. The Group provides these devices to specialist users (or the institutions that use them), and also conducts related businesses.


In this business field, the Group provides a variety of robots. HAL® for Living Support (Lower Limb Type) and HAL® for Living Support (Single Joint Type) are devices that support the independent movement of elderly people and people with disabilities.

HAL® for Care Support (Lumbar Type) mitigates the risk of back injuries for caregivers by reducing the load on their lumbar during assistance activities, such as transferring care aid, for elderly or disabled people.

Also, the Group is developing a vital sensing system for preventive purposes.


In this business field, the Group provides HAL® for Labor Support (Lumbar Type) which supports the heavy-labor operations of factory and construction workers.

The Group also provides Cleaning Robots and Transport Robots with built-in artificial intelligence (“AI”).