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Our company has celebrated its 15 year anniversary on June 24th, 2019. Coincidently, 2019 happened to be a milestone year in Japan, as the new Reiwa Era started in the Japanese calendar.

Since the collapse of the bubble economy, Japan has entered a long period of stagnation without finding a next step. At the same time, it has rapidly entered an aging society with a low birthrate. The global economy was also undergoing a major social change. When we look at the ranking of the world's market capitalization in 2006, when our company started to raise funds, the top 4 were large companies with a long corporate history and there was only 1 venture company. In 2018, the top 4 companies were all emerging companies that was recently incorporated.

In this way, innovation developed new areas around the world, and although this doesn't happen over night, it still led to major industrial and social changes. First it was the robot industry, then it was IT industry. We will be the next challenger bringing about the new wave of innovation. HAL for medical use became a medical device in Japan, the United States, and Europe, and is now being developed in Asia and the Middle East. In this way, we are accelerating our efforts to become an international platform.

CYBERDYNE was established in June 2004 as a university venture to solve various social problems facing the super-aged society. In order to solve various social issues in the increasingly serious situation with a declining birthrate and an aging population, we are focusing on business promotion to create the ideal future by researching, developing, manufacturing, and shipping innovative Cybernics systems, focusing on medicine, welfare, life, and the workplace, utilizing a new field "Cybernics" that combines human resources, robots, and information.

We have also developed a variety of innovative Cybernics devices and interfaces and advanced AI-Robot products to enable early detection and prevention for health maintenance, to improve our aging workforce, and to respond to the shrinking workforce. Our products are based on a new concept of IoH/IoT technology (Internet of people and things).

Through this technology, the human nervous system, physiological system, and environmental system are connected to the supercomputer, and big data of human and things are accumulated, analyzed, and AI processed, thus accelerating the creation of a new Cybernics Industry that fuses "Humans" with "Cyberspace and Physical Space". 

President and CEO
Yoshiyuki Sankai

Global network

CYBERDYNE Inc. was established in June, 2004, in order to disseminate the research result of Professor Yoshiyuki Sankai, University of Tsukuba, for the benefit of public. CYBERDYNE Inc., not only materializing technology for practical use, but also builds up strong research and development system in order to hear authentic voices of end users and makes a further leap. Consequently, CYBERDYNE Inc. will launch creative products.


Company Name CYBERDYNE, INC.
Headquarters 〒305-0818
2-2-1, Gakuen-Minami, Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, 305-0818, Japan
Contact Information
Founded CYBERDYNE, INC. was founded on 24 June 2004
Business Lines -Research and Development of equipments and systems in following areas;
Medical / Welfare
Treatment device to improve and regenerate the brain-neuro-physical functions
Rescue Supports in disaster sites
Heavy labor Supports in factories, plants

-Related Businesses
Leasing / Sale / Maintenance