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Make HAL more comforting, more safe and more effective

HAL peripherals(NON-MEDICAL)

HAL peripherals are assistive devices with which combined use of HAL for Lower Limb provides safer and more effective gait training.


Ensuring safety, HAL Tread provide more active walking training.

HAL Tread is the specially developed treadmill in order to provide effective walking exercise to the wearer of HAL for Lower Limb. As a hanging frame to support the wearer’s trunk and a treadmill are combined, without further environmental improvement, gait training can immediately be started safely at ease.

※HAL TREAD's specifications and accessories may be changed without notice.


The purpose of HAL Tread is to carry out safety and smooth gait training with a treadmill, by supporting the trunk of the wearer. This device is able to support the trunk of the wearer during gait training.

■Person who can use HAL Tread

• height: lower than 190cm, weight: less than 120kg [load on snap belt: max. 120kg]
• a person who can keep a standing posture or walk holding parallel bars

external dimension :
length 2,000mm x width 900mm x height 2,300mm
weight :
approximately 120kg
power source :
AC 100V
guarantee/service :
1 year guarantee*1

* This is not a relief device. *1 The guarantee only covers defects that attribute to manufacturing. Contact CYBERDYNE Inc. with regard to other repairs and services.


In combination with HAL for Lower Limb, safer gait training is provided.

With All-in-One, even a person who has instability in a standing posture can comfortably and safely enjoy walking without limitation of a walking area. A battery driven lifter that can instantly adjust the extent of relief is suitable for various types of people regardless of body shapes and training levels. Combined use of All-in-One with HAL for Lower Limb (NON-MEDICAL) provides safer gait training.


external dimension :
length 1,170mm x width 650mm x height 1,500mm
weight :
55kg [excluding slings]
lift :
height of hook 150 ~190cm
limit on lifting weight :
power source :
custom battery *1

*1 One time recharging enables the device to perform lifting approximately 60 times.


A new style of recreational activity

・The motion sensor of TANO recognizes the human skeleton from the images captured by the sensor camera. The player can see their recognized image on the monitor and play games involving body movement as if they are actually inside the screen.
・TANO does not require the player to wear any sensors. The player can stand or sit in front of TANO to register their body movements and voice.
・There are more than 80 content menus installed to TANO. It includes games that involve body movement as well as other recreation that involves vocal and brain-exercise training.
・There is also content designed for usage with HAL.


CYBERDYNE does not rent the product to individual users.

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