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IR CALENDAR-FY2017 (Apr. 2017 - Mar. 2018)
■ Announcement of Financial Results for the three months ending June 30 is scheduled for August 12th, 2022 at 15:30 JST


Stock exchange registration The Growth market of Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
Stock code 7779
Listed date March 26, 2014
Business Year From April 1 to March 31 of the next year
Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders Within 3 months of every fiscal year-end
Fiscal year-end March 31
Number of Common Shares Constituting One Unit 100 shares
Number of Common Shares Shares authorized: 618,300,000 shares
Shares issued: 137,445,809 shares
(as of March 31, 2019)
Transfer Agent Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited
1-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Method of Public Notice The Company publishes public notices in Japanese only by posting electronic public notices on its web site at
However, in the event that an electronic public notice is impracticable as a result of an accident or any other unavoidable reason, the Company shall post its public notices in the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

Notice: The Company issues 77,700,000 Class B Shares that hold equal rights regarding distributions of surplus and distribution of residual assets as Common Shares, but differ in the number of shares that constitute one unit (10 shares). Any holder of Common Shares or Class B Shares constituting one or more units is entitled to one voting right for each unit. Accordingly, a shareholder of Class B Shares has 10 times as many voting rights as a shareholder of Common Shares when they have the equal number of shares. Class B Shares are held by Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai, the Sankai Health Foundation and the Sankai Science and Technology Promotion Foundation, both of which are represented and managed by Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai, as well as with the trustees, directors or controllers of the foundations. This dual class structure reflects the concentration of voting rights with Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai and the foundations, for the purpose of ensuring the Company's advanced technologies are used for peaceful purposes, and preventing the misuse of these technologies to harm humans or to create military weapons. Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai directly and indirectly holds approximately 85.3% of the total number of voting rights as of March 31, 2018.


Type of ADR programSponsored Level I ADR
Trading marketOTC (Over The Counter)
Trading effective dateOctober 13, 2015 (U.S. Eastern Standard Time)
ADR ratio1 ADR: 1 Ordinary share
CUSIP number23249A100
Ticker SymbolCYBQY
Depositary BankDeutsche Bank Trust Company Americas
Local CustodianMizuho Bank, Ltd.

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