HAL® Demonstration is a course offered by CYBERDYNE STUDIO where people can try on and experience HAL®


HAL® Demonstration is a course of approximately 90~120 minutes where people can try on and experience HAL®.
Participants will receive a short lecture about HAL® and learn how to wear it safely. In order to better contextualize how HAL® is used, you will experience a simple simulation of what it is like have a physical impairment, and then address this issue with HAL®. By all means, please experience HAL®’s state of the art technology for yourself!

1. Introduction of CYBERDYNE Inc. [approximately 10 minutes] CYBERDYNE Inc. and the practical applications of HAL® in society will be introduced.
2. Explanation of HAL®’s motion principle [approximately 15 minutes] This short lecture will introduce HAL®’s mechanism.
3. Wearing HAL® [approximately 15 minutes] With the help of an instructor, participants will actually get to wear HAL®.
4. Experience HAL®’s robotic assistance [approximately 10 minutes] Participants will experience HAL®’s robotic assistance through exercises such as sitting-down, standing-up, walking, etc.

■Conditions for participation in HAL® Demonstration

In order to ensure safety, the following conditions must be met in order to participate in the demonstration.
Your understanding is greatly appreciated.
1. Weight: less than 80kg, Height: between 145 - 185cm
2. No severe joint disorders
3. Ability to understand precautions and follow instructions

If you have very high blood pressure, fragile bones, or cardiac issues, please consult a doctor in advance. HAL® is not suitable for people with implanted medical devices or women who are pregnant. In addition, CYBERDYNE STUDIO staff may determine ineligibility based on your health conditions.


JPY 15,000
* includes device rental fee


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