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HAL Lumbar Type for Labor Support mitigates risks of the wearer’s back pain when he/she lifts heavy goods, by reducing the stress applied on the back. The device is utilized to improve the work environment and to prevent work related injuries.
*This product is only available in Japan


For easier daily work

By reading the bio-electric signals, the device assists wearer’s movement according to his/her intention and reduces stress applied on the lumbar region when he/she lifts or carries things. The light weight of 3kg and compact design of this device allow the wearer including woman and/or aged one to work for longer hours without fatigue.

Further expansion of usable areas

As the device is battery-driven, it can be used in various places without restriction on use. Due to the addition of waterproof and dust proof functions, the device could now be used in outdoor heavy labor works that give burden on the lumbar region.


HAL-LB03 Model is classified as IEC liquid ingress protection level 4 (splashing of water), and IEC solid particle protection level 5 (dust protected)


*The model with the black battery cover is HAL-LB03

High usability and security in conformity with international standards

The device can be put on easily and there are only three operating buttons. There are five levels of assistance available for various tasks. The device conforms to strict industrial standards for the usage in factory environments. The device also obtained certification for conformance with both ISO13482 standards, which is an international safety standard for personal care robots and European Machinery Directive, which assures its safety.


applicable range of wearer’s height
140 – 180㎝
applicable range of wearer’s weight
40 – 80㎏
abdominal girth
less than 120cm
pelvic width
less than 39㎝
mid thigh girth
less than 80㎝
external dimension
length (depth) 292㎜ x width 450㎜ x height 522㎜
3.0㎏ (including a battery)
power source
custom battery
drive time
ca. 4.5 hours
charging time
ca. 2 hours
operating environment
0 - 40℃
Liquid ingress protection capability
IEC Liquid ingress protection level 4 (IPX4)
Solid particle protection capability
IEC solid particle protection level 5 (IP5X)
* Specified information above is for HAL-LB03-SSSJP Model. Information may vary depending on the options or the models.
* HAL-LB01 does not have a waterproof and dustproof function.




HAL® Demonstration – LUMBAR TYPE is a course of approximately 60 minutes, in which people can experience to wear HAL®.
Participants will receive a short lecture about HAL® and experience to wear HAL® safely. In order to have more concrete image of utilizing HAL®, they will have simulated experience of physically-challenged. By all means, experience the most advanced Robot Suit HAL® by yourself.


JPY 10,000
* Including rental of devices and a certificate of participation.

request for brochures/reference materials and inquiries

Currently no rental/leasing service for individuals is provided. When you (the viewer of this site) are interested in using the device or experiencing it, refer to the link of HAL FIT® or send the inquiry form selecting “request for brochures/reference materials” from the drop-down menu of “inquiry matters” at the bottom of this page and writing “I would like to experience/use HAL Lumbar Type for Labor Support.”

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