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To Realize "Zero Burdening-care Society”

HAL Lumbar Type for Care Support is designed to mitigate risks of back pain by reducing the stress that will be applied on the back. HAL will make daily care work easier and support both care givers and care receivers.
*This product is only available in Japan



HAL can now be used for bathing aid, which is known to be one of the most burdening care task.


HAL- CB02 Model IEC Liquid ingress protection level 4 (splashing of water)


*Model with the black battery cover is HAL-CB02

Easy operation and safety

There is only two buttons to set the assistance level, making HAL easy to use for everyone. It will not provide assistance far beyond the users own capabilities, so the device is also safe to use.

HAL® assists the wearer’s motion as he/she intends

When a person moves their body, various signals are sent from the brain to the muscles through nerves. Those signals leak onto the skin surface as bio-electric signals. HAL reads the wearer’s signal and assists the wearers movement. This makes the users care tasks easier and safer.

Loads on the lumbar is reduced

The device performed significant reduction of the stress applied on the lumbar part through scientific analysis, upon burdening care tasks. Utilization of HAL is anticipated to improve the work environment and prevent work related injuries in work places like hospitals and care facilities.

Light and compact design for the use anytime and anywhere

As the device is battery-driven, it can be used in various places without restrictions on locations of use. Replaceable battery and light weight of the HAL allows the wearer to work for longer hours.


applicable range of wearer’s height
140 – 180㎝
applicable range of wearer’s weight
40 – 80㎏
abdominal girth
less than 120cm
pelvic width
less than 39㎝
mid thigh girth
less than 80㎝
external dimension
length (depth) 292㎜ x width 451㎜ x height 522㎜
3.1㎏ (including a battery)
power source
custom battery
drive time
ca. 4.5 hours
charging time
ca. 2 hours
operating environment
0 - 40℃
Liquid ingress protection capability
IEC Liquid ingress protection level 4 (IPX4)
*Specified information above is for HAL-CB02-SSSJP Model. Information may vary depending on the options or the models.
*HAL-CB01 does not have a waterproof function




HAL Demonstration – LUMBAR TYPE is a course of approximately 60 minutes, in which participant can experience to wear HAL.
Participants will receive a short lecture about HAL and experience how to use HAL safely. CYBERDYNE studio prepares various programs where their participant could feel the assistance provided by HAL. To join the demonstration tour, please send us a inquiry from the "learn more" button below.


JPY 10,000
* Including rental of devices and a certificate of participation.

request for brochures/reference materials and inquiries

Currently there are no rental/leasing service for individuals. Please send a message through the inquiry form from the "learn more" button below and select "rental of HAL, details of other products"if you are interested”

point of contact:
CYBERDYNE, Inc. Sales Department
+81 29 869 8448 [direct to Sales Department]
+81 29-855-3189
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