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Small and compact design gets you closer to HAL

HAL FOR WELL-BEING (Single Joint Type)

This is a model of HAL that is used for any arm and knee joints and specialized in intensive training.


Small and light

This assists flexion and extension exercises with a small power unit that was specially developed. The lightweight system of only 1,500g [assisting part] significantly reduces burden of daily transportation and handling of the device.

Necessary information is in your hand.

All operations, such as, start/stop of assistance, alteration of settings and confirmation of motion statuses can be manipulated by one hand with a palm-sized controller. The operator can proceed training, ensuring motions of the wearer with the other hand which becomes free.

Training with HAL can be started on the bed.

With this small and lightweight HAL for Well-being Single Joint Type made of soft materials, the wearer can perform training, lying on the bed. Training with HAL for Well-being Single Joint Type can be conducted at any time and any place.

HAL moves as you intend.

When a person moves his or her body, the brain sends various signals to muscles via nerves. At that time, the signals leak out on the skin surface as BES. HAL for Well-being Single Joint Type reads the wearer’s BES and actuates its small power unit. Therefore, it is able to perform assistance in alignment with the wearer’s “will” and consequently gives the vivid feeling “I could move my joint by myself!” to the wearer.

Soft materials gently fit you.

Soft materials are used at touching points of the human body and HAL for Well-being Single Joint Type. HAL that gently fits the wearer’s body shape strikes a balance between wearability and unity.


external dimension: length 200mm x width 200mm x height 944mm*1
weight: approximately 1.5kg*2
movable range: extension 0˚/flexion 120˚
operating time: approximately 120 minutes [in normal operation]*3
power source: custom battery
Robot Suit®: power unit, control device, controller
accessories: electrode cables, attachments [upper leg supporter, lower leg supporter, upper arm supporter and forearm supporter], hip belt, custom battery, custom battery charger*4
*1 excluding the control device and the battery, only parts attached to the wearer
*2 excluding the control device and the battery
*3 might change subject to operating statuses and operating environments
*4 might be altered without prior notice


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