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2021-10-07 updated

【Presentation】Full video of the online seminar by CEO Yoshiyuki Sankai at TSUKUBA CONFERENCE 2021

Full video of the online seminar by CEO Yoshiyuki Sankai presented at TSUKUBA CONFERENCE 2021 on Wednesday, September 29th, is now available.

Inclusive Innovation And New Normal In The POST-CORONA Era

Humans have always cooperated with others while also choosing to evolve with technology. The technology we make will change the future. The right technology and social systems are essential to creating the future as they should be. A techno-peer support society, where people and technology can easily support each other, is a future society where everyone can live everyday life and easily share innovations. This future is open to all people, including people with intractable diseases, various illnesses, disabilities, and physical or cognitive problems. Let us discuss inclusive innovation as the new normal of the post-Corona era.

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