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MTX Neuro HAL Plus


MTX Neuro HAL Plus is a program to improve the performance of the athletes’ brain-nerve Functions. It is designed to train accurate use of muscles that should be used and relaxing muscled that does not need to be used. The program is suited for all people who enjoy sports.


Relax the muscles for better play

“Relaxing” is said to be an important concept to realize powerful and accurate plays in sports. However, it was said to be almost impossible to practice, as the tension of the muscles are usually done unconsciously.  In this program, the unique technology of HAL will be used to detect very faint bio-electrical signals that leaks on the surface of the skin. By making the player practice not to activate HAL, the player can master ways to move their body without unnecessary tension of the muscles.  In addition, on the display of the monitor connected to HAL, these tension and stresses will be visualized enabling coaches to train the players effectively realtime.

Give out everything in an instant

Put on the HAL and move as hard as you can. Based on the bio-electrical signal that leaks on the skin surface, HAL will push you to go one step beyond your limit. The instant that you receive the push from the HAL is the timing you should place all your strength in. By taking off the HAL and placing all of your strength on that instant, you can practice moving with more power and speed.

Open up your possibilities

The factor that separates elite athletes from average athletes is not muscle strength, but the ability to control the body at their own will. By practicing the use of muscles and switching between maximum strength and zero strength quickly through the program, it could open up possibility to raise the level of the sports.

Introduction video of MTX Neuro HAL Plus


Neuro HAL Plus is conducted in Robocare Centers written in the map below

* It is not yet available in centers that are not written in the map below.

Robocare Center


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