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Future of Nursing Care transformed by HAL

HAL Lumbar Type for Well-Being

New HAL for realizing Zero Burdening-care Society

HAL Lumbar Type Well-being (BB04) is a technology that could be applied for two roles. The device supports both caregiver and care-receivers. When its used by “caregiver” it reduces the stress applied on the lumbar region during care movement and reduces the risk of back injury. When its used by “care-receivers", it could help a person with weak legs to maintain and improve his/her body function.


Motion assist and promotion of independence

Voluntary training with HAL is anticipated to maintain and enhance body functions and increase their independence. The compact and light weight model can widely be introduced to various situations like fun group activity at facility and thorough care at home visit.

Reduction of stress on lower back during care

Through medical and anatomical analysis and simulation of care activity such as transfer and position change support, function to further minimize the lumbar burden was developed. Waterproof function (IPX4: splashing of water) allows a caregiver to bring this device on their lumbar to bathing aid and reduce the burden of conventional care.

New control mode further improves user experience

In addition to the “Hybrid Mode” where HAL︎ detects “bioelectrical signal” reflected on the will of body movement transmitted from the brain to the muscle through nerve system, it is now installed with a new mode called “Cybernics Autonomous Control mode” (CAC Mode), which can allow the user to use the device without having to attach the sensors. This is especially useful for caregivers who wanted to use HAL︎ in various situation with minimal effort, as the device can now be worn under 10 seconds using the new CAC Mode.

Help everyone around nursing care

Reduction of physical burden of caregivers leads to improvement of labor environment and prevention of work accident. Additionally, enhancement of independence of care-receiver, such as sit to stand action without support reduces burden of the person himself/herself, but also significantly reduce the burden of caregiver. Double role of new HAL︎ will approach solving the issues of aging society in two-ways, leading to realization of Zero Burdening-care Society


applicable range of height (approximate)
140 ~ 180cm
applicable range of weight (approximate)
40 ~ 80kg
abdominal girth
less than 120cm
pelvic width
less than 39cm
external dimensions
length (depth) 292mm x width 450mm x height 522mm
3.1kg (including a battery)
range of joint motion
Hip joint : Extension 30°/ flexion 130°
operating environment
temperature : 0℃~40℃ humidity : 20%~80% * (no condensation)
ingress protection rating
drive time
ca. 4.5 hours



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