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Communication through Emotion



Innovative interfaces for people who have severe difficulty speaking or moving

Cyin for Living Support is a novel interface that utilizes biological information that can be controlled voluntarily outside of muscle activities. Even for an user with severe disabilities who has difficulties speaking or writing can communicate and operate other devices without having to speak or physically moving their body.


Control through invisible power

Cyin for Living Support reads faint bio-electrical signals sent from the user’s brain to the muscles through the nerves when the user intends to move the body.
The device makes it possible for people who cannot move their own body at all due to progression of their disease or who have difficulty operating equipment through muscle activities (blink, breath, etc.) to communicate using the “invisible power” (by manifestation of yes or no, or by writing a text, etc.) or to operate various environmental control equipment such as a nurse call.


Cyin for Living Support uses a sensor attached to the skin surface to detect bio-electrical signals as “motor unit potential”. When the detected potential exceeds a preset threshold, it is used as an input signal.
Signal detection varies from person to person and is not guaranteed to be usable by everyone.

Flexible connection to external devices

As a “communication device for severely disabled persons” the main unit of Cyin for Living Support can be used as a device to manifest yes or no using biological information. The device can also be connected to various other devices such as PC, tablets and other communication devices. For example, when combined with a voice-to-speech output device, the user can communicate with their eyes closed.

Quick and easy setting with touch panel

Cyin for Living Support aims to reduce the burden of those who supports the user to put-on the device.


After attaching the sensor and connecting the equipment to be combined, set the level and threshold with the touch panel while checking the sensor signal, and press the output button. This would complete the preparation.


The device is easy to operate even for first-time users.

8-channel I/O to expand the range of uses

The bio-electrical signals required to control Cyin for Living Support can be detected from various parts of the body, and can be adapted to the physical condition of each user.


Cyin for Living Support has eight input and output channels, allowing multiple signals to be used simultaneously by attaching sensors to multiple body parts that read the signals. This makes it possible to freely operate multiple devices and or to freely conduct complex operations of devices. Signal from multiple parts of the body can also be combined together to create stronger input signals.

Selectable sensor electrodes

In addition to the silicon electrodes designed by CYBERDYNE for long-term use, Cyin for Living Support is widely compatible with commercially available bonded and dry-metal electrodes.

Variety of apps and settings

The app includes communication training, yes/no communication, and written communication, Advanced input and output handling is also available for advanced users.

Easy to carry!

With its compact size and lightweight design that fits in the palm, the user can easily carry it on the go. When the user wish to go out for a long time, wireless power charger can be connected to smartphones or laptops to charge the device.

Safe and secure power supply

Cyin for Living Support uses a wireless power supply system that does not pose an electrical hazard, such as an electric shock, to enable 24 hour bio-electrical measurements.


Built-in backup battery allows continuous use even when temporarily separated from the wireless power supply.


Basic feature
Product model number and name
CY-BY02・Cyin for Living Support
External dimension
142mm x 90mm x 30mm
Controller : 323g
Each modules : maximum of 30g
Number of input channels
8 channels
Number of output channels
8 channels
Radio communication function
Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.2(BLE)
480 x 272 4.3 inch color touch panel
Power supply system
5W wireless power supply for Qi standard
Backup power capacity
1200mAh lithium ion
Operating environment
atmospheric pressure:80kPa〜106kPa
Interface set
Bio-electrical interface module
Switch interface module
Bio-electrical cable (30cm)
Control cable(2m)
Electrode belt
Silicon electrode
Wireless power supply (Qi standard)
Monaural cable (1.8m)
USB cable (2m)

【Intended users】

・Those who have difficulty communicating or operating an equipment due to movement disorder such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), multiple system atrophy, prolonged consciousness disturbance, cerebral palsy (CP), parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, etc.


【suggested retail price】

・600,000 Japanese yen (tax free) ・Since Cyin for Living Support is applicable to Japanese prosthetic device cost payment system “Communication Device for Severely Disabled Persons” of the Act on General Support for Persons with Disabilities, purchase cost may be subsidized in Japan. ・To determine whether if this scheme could be used, please show the catalogue which can be downloaded from below and contact the local municipality.


Currently, the device is only available for sale in Japan
For further information, please contact CYBERDYNE through the inquiry form, which can be accessed from the “Learn More” button.