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Transportation Robot is suitable for various transportation tasks in factories, offices and other indoor environments

*This product is only available in Japan


Requires no floor marker and grid installation

Transportation Robot can work in factories, offices and various indoor environments without using floor markers. Transportation routes of the robot can be set flexibly as it does not require floor marker and grid installation*. The robot, therefore, can move between floors easily. The robot will support people by smartly “robotizing” work places.
*See “teaching-playback system” below for further explanation.

Easy settings to start with a push of a button

A transportation route of the robot could be set easily with a touch panel style remote controller. There is no need of setting the robot’s actions during its moving along the route, owing to its autonomous action-setting function. With one push of a button, the robot will get to transportation work.

■Teaching-playback system

At the beginning, the robot will scan the building form to create a map. The human operator will “teach” the transportation route manually, so that the robot can “playback” the route taught without the guidance of floor tapes, markers and grids. This eliminates the need of large-scale installation and allows the transportation routes to be set or changed very easily.

■Module structure

Depending on the type of goods, Transportation Robot can be customized with different modules to either “Mounting Type” or “Traction Type”. (*optional)

■Management server to control multiple units

Control of transportation routes for multiple Transportation Robots can be done by a control server through wi-fi. (*optional).


External Dimensions
Length 632mm x width 610mm x height 550mm
Approximately 25kg (including the battery weight)
Load capacity
200kg (weight on board)
Running Speed
30m/min [max.]
Operating Time
4 hours

*Above figures may differ subject to options and specifications.


Flow of procedures

  • Request

    Please send the inquiry form from the “LEARN MORE” button or contact us by phone

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  • Demonstration

    CYBERDYNE will provide detailed explanation and demonstration

  • Proposal

    Select which option to install. Based on those options, we will propose the contract plan and price.

  • Sign

    Please sign the necessary documents to complete the rental contract.

  • Delivery

    We will deliver the robot and make adjustments on site. We will also provide lectures on how to operate the robot.

Rental fees

  • Initial installation fee
    ・Appliances and supply
    ・Transportation fee
    ・Fees required for Adjustment fee on site
       and necessary training to control the device
  • Rental fee
    ・Maintenance fee on site
    ・Software update service fee
    ・Repairment fee

* Entire amount of the initial installation fee must be paid upon the first payment
* User could choose to pay monthly rental fee, or a single sum for the entire rental period
* Additional cost maybe charged depending on the chosen options. Please contact the company for further informations

Concerning the rental contract

Please contract CYBERDYNE directly or through its sales agents in Japan. Rental period can be set between one to five years

■Contracting party

Currently, the robot is only available for facilities. It is not available for individual users.

■Extensive support

Maintenance fee is included in the rental fee. CYBERDYNE will fulfill its responsibility by repairing the robot that broke despite following the prescribed usage.

■Workshop for safe operation

CYBERDYNE will host a workshop for safe operation. Transportation Robot should only be operated by holders of the license, which will be issued once the operator, participates in the workshop for safe operation.


Please contact CYBERDYNE through the inquiry form by pressing the “LEARN MORE” button below.

Point of contact:
CYBERDYNE, INC. Sales Department
+81-29-869-8448 [direct to Sales Department]
+81-29-855-3189 [main]
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