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Neuro HALFIT at Home


Neuro HALFIT, a new program to induce improvement of physical functions, is now available for home. The service will enable more daily and intensive use of HAL, inducing improved independence from care and improved quality of life.

To better support the "stay home" lifestyle brought on by the novel coronavirus, we have accelerated the start of our home service.


In this service, the customer will rent a unit of HAL for 3 months, so they can work on Neuro HALFIT at their own houses. The customers can not only work with HAL in their own houses when ever they wish, the assistance of HAL will enable customers to train themselves safely and pleasantly.
Also, the Robocare Center staff will support each customer to achieve their goal via phone, web and upon the arrival of customers to Robocare Center regularly. This will enable the staff to create training menus and plans according to the use of their own body.
The program is especially suited for those who wish to maintain and improve their physical functions on daily basis.

Leaning forward on bed

Checking signals on monitor


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1.The visitor must be able to maintain standing position with support from others
2.The visitor must be able to maintain sitting posture on their own.
3.The visitor must be within range of applicable size of HAL (please inquire for further details).
4.The visitor must not have any severe deformation of their body parts.
5.The visitor must be able to comprehend instruction on the movement and warnings.
6. The visitor who’s bio-electrical signal can be detected.

* Please consult a doctor in advance if you have significantly high blood pressure, weak bone density or conditions such as heart failures.
* We are unable to operate HAL for visitors who are pregnant or using active implantable medical devices such as pacemakers.
   Furthermore, depending on the health condition of the visitor, the staff may make judgement to refrain the use of HAL.

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