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2021-10-05 updated

【IR News】Announce on the adoption by AMED Medical Engineering Innovation Promotion Project ~ enables real-time photoacoustic imaging of peripheral capillaries and oxygenation level distribution~

CYBERDYNE Inc. (Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, President & CEO: Yoshiyuki Sankai, from now on referred to as “the Company”) announces that the Japan Agency adopted the Company’s proposal on Photoacoustic Imaging Technology for Medical Research and Development (“AMED”) for its Medical and Industrial Collaboration Innovation Promotion Project.

1. Objectives of Medical and Industrial Collaboration Innovation Promotion Project
This program aims to revitalize Japan’s medical device industry by encouraging the entry of small and medium-sized companies and venture businesses with advanced manufacturing technologies into the medical device field. Furthermore, the project promotes collaboration between such companies and medical institutions to develop and commercialize medical devices that meet the needs of the medical field and improve the quality of medical care.

2. Adopted projects
(1) Title of the project
“Development and commercialization of diagnostic imaging systems using LED light source-based photoacoustic imaging technology.”
(2) Detail
In this project, the Company will develop and commercialize a photoacoustic imaging system used in clinical settings. By adopting LED Light Source, the Company aims to create devices that are safe for the patients. During the process, the Company will work closely with the medical institutions to develop medical devices that fully reflect the medical needs of clinicians. LED-powered Photoacoustic Imaging device is a non-invasive method. In addition, when compared to CT angiography, MR angiography, and other angiography methods, this photoacoustic imaging technology can display highly accurate images upon vascular examination, such as delineation of peripheral capillaries and lymphatic vessels. Therefore, the Company develops the technology as a new imaging modality medical device.
(3) Scheduled duration
The project will commence from the date of the subsidy decision. The host will assess the progress each year to decide whether the project should continue the following year. The scheduled end date of the project is the end of March 2024.
(4) Scheduled amount of subsidy
¥103.8 million (FY2021: ¥34.6 million, FY2022: ¥34.6 million, FY2023: ¥34.6 million. AMED shall determine the subsidy amount for each year through a final inspection conducted after each subsidy project period)

3. Prospects
The Company will record the subsidized amount as Other income in its consolidated income statements for each fiscal year.

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