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2023-05-15 updated

【IR News】Rental agreement signed with Coopselios cooperative group., Italy, a major service provider in the field of medicine and welfare

CYBERDYNE Inc. (Tsukuba, Ibaraki; President: Yoshiyuki Sankai; hereafter “CYBERDYNE”) signed a rental agreement with Coopselios SC (Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna; Chairman: Giovanni Umberto Calabrese; hereafter “Coopselios”), a leading Italian social enterprise that provides medical and social services, in relation to the EBRM project (Evidence Based Rehabilitation Model) promoted by Coopselios. Giovanni Umberto Calabrese, Chairman of the Board: Giovanni Umberto Calabrese, hereinafter “Coopselios”) on February 20 (local time). Coopselios a leading health and social service provider in Italy, for the “EBRM®” (Evidence-Based Rehabilitation Model) project. Under this agreement, rental contract for three types of HAL (Lower Limb Type, Single Joint Type, and Lumbar Type) total of 25 units will commence in May 2023. The two companies will also collaborate as an important partner in developing Cybernics Treatment using HAL throughout Italy, and in getting this treatment included in the Italian insurance system.

1. Outline of the contract
Contractor: Coopselios cooperative group (Italy)
Products rented: HAL series (Lower Limb Type, Single Joint Type, Lumbar Type)Total 25 units
Contract period: Maximum of 5 years
Amount of contract: Maximum of ¥460 million

2. Prospect
For this agreement, rental revenues are expected to be recorded over a five-time period beginning in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024 (¥84 million is scheduled to be posted during the fiscal year ending March 31, 2024).

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1. About Coopselios
Coopselios is a social service organization that has been active in Italy for over 30 years, operating 214 institutions in northern Italy and parts of Belgium, including nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and children’s homes. While Coopselios has been providing services to families, municipalities, and public health institutions, to celebrate its 40th anniversary, the company aims to expand its business by creating new businesses targeting corporations, private clinics, pharmacies, various funds, and insurance organizations. Furthermore, using its network outside Italy, the company plans to extend is business abroad.

2. Outline of the EBRM® project
EBRM® project (Evidence Based Rehabilitation Model Project) Coopselios determined 3 pillars, a) holistic and evidence-based approach, b) integration of multidisciplinary healthcare skills and advanced technologies in assessment, diagnostic, monitoring, and treatment. c) adoption of CYBERDYNE’s HAL, which Coopselios regards to be one of the most innovative exoskeleton, and advanced international protocol. During the first phase of this project, a total of 25 HALs will be operated at three facilities for a period of three years. It will be used for approximately 1,000 patients suffering from stroke or spinal cord injury.

3. Significance of this Agreement
During the first phase, the combination of HAL and other technologies will be tested, and achieving good results is expected to lead to installation of more units of HAL. In addition, Coopselios, as a government partner, provides services to public health care institutions and the coordinating together may contribute to making Cybernics Treatment listed in public health insurance coverage in Italy. Furthermore, Coopselios has a network of institutions in Belgium, where it already has a base, as well as in Asia, South America, and Africa, and will use this network to promote the diffusion of HAL abroad.

[Coopselios General Manager, Raul Cavalli]
Coopselios strongly believes that partnership with CYBERDYNE will lead to a turning point in neuro motor rehabilitation field. There are plenty of rehabilitation possibilities for people who has spinal injury or affected by strokes, which are not being treated at this time. Thanks to the proposed pathway of treatment, a significant improvement in quality of life will be possible for those patients who are considered eligible for treatment.
Partnership with CYBERDYNE is strategical and strongly innovative in rehabilitation panorama in Italy and beyond, offering new rehabilitation pathways that will lead to a significant/potential improvement in the quality of life for patients who will benefit from HAL.
Considering the initiative presented and the presence of the Coopselios Group on the international scene, we believe we can actively contribute to the development of CYBERDYNE’s international network in both scientific and commercial terms

[Energy Fisioterapia SRL, Founder and Director Dr. Francesco Chiampo]
We are delighted with the agreement between CYBERDYNE and Coopselios. The work done by our team since 2018 has brought new therapeutic opportunities for patients with spinal cord injuries and stroke outcomes in Italy.
We believe that this agreement will be a great stimulus to strengthen the presence of CYBERDYNE in Italy and in Europe and for Coopselios to become a strategic partner for the development of neurorehabilitation treatments with CYBERDYNE’s HAL exoskeletons.

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■ Outline of the EBRM® project

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