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2023-08-08 updated

【IR News】Announcement on the adoption by AMED project to promote the development of robotic care devices for oversea

CYBERDYNE Inc. (Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, President & CEO: Yoshiyuki Sankai, from now on referred to as the “Company”) announces that the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (“AMED”) adopted the Company’s proposal for the “2023 project to promote robotic care device for overseas.” Letter on the provision of grants was issued today.

1.The target of the “project to promote robotic care device for overseas”
The objective of the project is to identify local needs for the developed product that is designed to be used in households. Through the project, the team will improve the product to meet local needs and regulations, develop sales channels, and obtain the necessary certifications to launch the product overseas. In an aging society, there is a growing need for robotic nursing care equipment for home use, both in Japan and overseas, and the Company aims to strengthen our industrial competitiveness by promoting the overseas development of robotic nursing care equipment.

2.Outline of the adopted project
(1) Name
Research and development of HAL Lumbar Type for Care Support
(2) Summary of the project
HAL Lumbar Type is a Wearable Cyborg designed to support various tasks in care, such as transferring aid, excretion aid, bathing aid, and changing sheets. While these tasks involve heavy stress in the lower back region, the device is designed to reduce this stress so that the workers can work without worrying about the risk of back injuries. This effect of reducing the pressure on the back is analyzed and verified from a medical and anatomical perspective. Furthermore, the technology is expected to support caregivers who often suffer from a shortage of human resources by reducing the number of people needed for certain tasks. The technology is expected to contribute to reduce the number of people needed for care tasks and shortening the time required. In the proposed project, the Company aims to verify the feasibility of overseas expansion in Germany.
(3) The scheduled duration of the project
From the date of receiving the letter on the provision of grant to end of March 2025 (Interterm evaluation will be held during each fiscal year to determine whether to continue the project or not)
(4) Scheduled amount of subsidy
FY2023: 14,118 thousand yen
FY2024: 5,850 thousand yen
(Final amount of subsidy for each fiscal year will be finalized after inspection which will be held at the end of each project)

3. Prospect
The grant subsidy for each year is expected to be recorded in “other income” in the consolidated statements of income for each year.

■ Announcement of the adopted project (Website of AMED: Available in Japanese only)

pdf link