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2020-11-12 updated

【News】Renewal of “Neuro HALFIT at home service”

CYBERDYNE Inc. [Tsukuba, Ibaraki, CEO: Yoshiyuki Sankai (the “Company”) announced to renew its “Neuro HALFIT at home” service as an online support service connected to cloud. The Company designed the service for those experiencing less opportunity to work out and less level of physical activities, as they are asked to stay home to prevent being infected by COVID-19.

New feature 1:HAL Monitor that visualizes physical data and enables further support from staff
HAL is now connected with CYBERDYNE cloud system. This enables visualization of information of bioelectrical signal and postural information. The wearer can not only obtain visual feedback but also receive quality support from their therapists and trainers remotely.

New feature 2: New pricing structure to enhance further support
The Company introduced a new package plan that includes set up support and two online support sessions every month at a reasonable price.

New feature 3: Entire process can be completed online without direct contact with staff
The Company designed the entire process from sign up, set up and two support sessions from the staff to be contactless and online, so that the risk of infection are minimalized.

New feature 4: Grand opening of CYBERDYNE STORE
The Company’s first D2C site, CYBERDYNE STORE is now available. The Company plans to gradually expand the delivered service, so various services can be provided online.

<CYBERDYNE STORE> *Available in Japanese

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