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2020-12-11 updated

【News】Neuro HALFIT at Home is now registered for Tsukuba City’s Furusato Nouzei Gift

At CYBERDYNE Inc. [Tsukuba, Ibaraki, CEO: Yoshiyuki Sankai (the “Company”)] announces that its service Neuro HALFIT at Home is now registered as a gift in return for “Furusato Nouzei” donation to Tsukuba City. The service can be selected as a gift in return starting from the year 2020.
The service is designed as a rehab program for individuals who are experiencing loss of opportunity to work out or reduction of exercise amount and as a countermeasure towards frailty. With the service that enables individuals to use HAL every day, the Company aims to induce improvement of the brain-nerve-musculoskeletal function on daily basis and helping users to stay healthy.

■About Neuro HALFIT at Home
Neuro HALFIT at Home is a new program that enables individuals to induce improvement of the brain, nerve, and musculoskeletal functions by utilizing the world’s first Wearable Cyborg HAL on daily basis. The most novel feature of Neuro HALFIT is that, for people who have difficulty standing, sitting, walking, or moving their arms on their own due to a decline in physical function from aging, diseases or injuries, etc., wearing HAL activates the neural loop of the brain- nerve systems, thereby inducing improvement in the brain-nerve-musculoskeletal systems. Even for people who no longer feels improvement in traditional rehab, with Neuro HALFIT they can expect further progress.
Please refer to the Company online store for further detail on the service

■Outline of the gift in return of Furustato Nouzei
•The donator can receive the “Neuro HALFIT at Home” Lumbar Type rental service (1~3 months)or a discount ticket depending on their amount of donation to Tsukuba City.

■How to make a Furusato Nouzei
•Donation towards Tsukuba City can be made from Furusato Nouzei service site, “Satofuru”. The information is scheduled to be posted on December 18. Once it is posted, the Company will make an announcement as soon as possible on the Company website.

【About HAL Lumbar Type for Well-being】
HAL Lumbar Type for Well-being was launched in October 2017, to maintain and improve the function of the body trunk and lower limb of those with weakened function. By repeating trunk movements and movements to stand up and down, the wearer can expect to improve their physical function that will remain after taking off HAL. The device has a record of being used widely in hospitals and care facilities. With the new Monitor function, HAL can now be wirelessly connected to PC and tablets to display various information of the wearer in real-time. One could also visualize the tension and relaxation of body parts objectively, which was difficult to do with conventional methods. At Yotsuya Robocare Center, a center operated by the group, the aforementioned monitor functions are also utilized for training top athletes in baseball, tennis, golf, snowboarding, and many more.

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