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2021-03-09 updated

【News】Yoshiyuki Sankai, President and CEO, Appointed as International Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering (IVA)

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Yoshiyuki Sankai, President of CYBERDYNE, has been appointed as an International Fellow of The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA). The appointment of a Japanese member is the first time in five years since Professor Tomoko Nakanishi of the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences in 2015. With the appointment of Dr. Sankai, IVA now has a total number of 16 Japanese International Fellows.

Comment from IVA President Tuula Teer
“IVA’s mission is to improve society through the promotion of the engineering and economic sciences and the advancement of business and industry. Knowledgeable and talented Fellows are crucial in order for the Academy to fulfil that mission. The recently elected Fellows – top names in the business community and recognized researchers – are a fantastic resource for the Academy”, says Tuula Teeri, President of IVA.

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