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2021-05-24 updated

【News】 Capital and Business Alliance with Rehab for JAPAN

CYBERDYNE Inc. (Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, CEO Yoshiyuki Sankai, from now on referred to as “the Company”) announced a capital and business alliance (investment from the Company to Rehab) with Rehab for JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa, Tokyo, CEO Ryo Okubo, from now on referred to as “Rehab”). Rehab is a provider of a SaaS to support rehab training at daycare services called “Rehab Plan.” Furthermore, the Cybernics Excellence Japan No. 1 Investment Limited Partnership (CEJ Fund), operated by CEJ Capital Inc., will also invest in Rehab.

Rehab develops the “Rehab Plan” to realize “evidence-based scientific nursing care.” The software automates the planning of functional rehab training, which is currently only taking place inside the head of rehabilitation specialists. With Rehab Plan, even staff with no experience in rehabilitation can provide adequate services. Rehab Plan also accumulates and analyzes data scattered throughout the facility to plan for functional training that is more effective for everyone.
The two companies will work together to realize scientific nursing care and further accelerate the creation of the Cybernics Industry.

(Comment by President & CEO Sankai)
Rehab’s goal of “realizing evidence-based scientific nursing care” is essential for improving the QoL and independence of the elderly and reducing the burden on caregivers and society in an aging society with super-low birthrates. We look forward to accelerating the fusion of “Human” and “Cyber/Physical Space” by advancing digitization in the nursing-care industry. We will work closely with Rehab to realize Techno-peer Support future society “Society 5.0/5.1.”

Rehab’s press release (available in Japanese only)

Rehab for JAPAN (available in Japanese only)
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-Explanation of Rehab Plan:

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