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2021-07-30 updated

【News】Business alliance with J-Workout, the largest gym specializing in spinal cord injury

CYBERDYNE Inc. (Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, President: Yoshiyuki Sankai, from now on referred to as “the Company”) has formed a business alliance with J-Workout Inc. (Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan, President: Takunori Isa, “J-Workout”) to provide a new service stated below from August 2021.

Powerful alliance to promote the functional improvement of people with spinal cord injuries

The Group provides Neuro HALFIT as a service to promote the functional improvement of people with reduced motor functions by activating the activity loop of the brain’s nervous system with Wearable Cyborg HAL. This self-paid service is available at 16 Robocare Centers nationwide. Many Robocare Center users are users with aftereffects caused by spinal cord injuries.

J-Workout is now in its 15th year of offering self-paid training after discharge from the hospital. J-Workout has been offering tailor-made service not bound by restrictions related to medical insurance to over 800 people in its studios in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka to realize their dream to walk again.

The two companies will combine the skill of J-Workout’s trainers with the technology of Wearable Cyborg HAL to activate the brain’s neural activity loops through repeating voluntary movement without excessive strain to create a healthy and longevity society where all people can enjoy healthy and affluent lives.

Testimony of users going through a program with HAL
・Youtuber Maco – Princess Mononoke of the present
【Changes after two years since implementing HAL into my rehab】(July 6, 2021)

・Youtuber Chin – Suisui-Project
【#164 Effect and what I noticed about Wearable Cyborg HAL program after eight months】(January 13, 2021)

・Youtuber Shoko – Shoko Channel
【I started using HAL at home to aim for further improvement】(July 24, 2021)

・Youtuber Tomoka Igari-Igatomo Channel
【My first step】(July 11, 2021)

* Details of the new service
1) Service for non-members of J-Workout: HAL at Home (Lumbar Type)
A user with spinal cord injury can receive online support from a J-Workout trainer during HAL at Home program
2) Service for J-Workout members: Studio training + HAL
J-Workout members can add an optional program with HAL in addition to their regular training.

Special campaign to celebrate the business alliance
Free 120-minute HAL trial for a user with spinal cord injury
Assessment of physical condition+ J-Workout training + HAL free trial (HAL Lumbar Type)
Please contact J-Workout about the special campaign
Campaign page:

<About J-Workout Corporation>
J-Workout is a training gym specializing in spinal cord injuries and has been providing self-funded training after hospital discharge for 15 years. Many people with spinal cord injuries are told that they will be in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives or that they will never be able to walk. With the slogan “KNOW NO LIMIT,” J-Workout aggressively implements regenerative medicine and robotics technologies that may help many spinal cord injury patients in need.

The Group aims to realize Society 5.0/5.1, a new vision of society based on Techno-Peer Support. To realize this society, the Group works to create an industry based on innovative Cybernics Technology capable of fusing “humans” and cyberspace (virtual world)/physical space (real world). The foundation of Cybernics Technology is the Internet of Humans/Internet of Things (“IoH/IoT”), Robots, and AI. The technology connects various fields such as medicine, nursing-care, production, and other workplaces with households. The Group aims to create a new industry based on this technology to solve various problems that exist in our society today. The Group’s business has a unique advantage in its ability to access and integrate information inside the human body (such as Brain-nerve and vital systems) and information outside the human body (such as behavioral, life, and environmental). The information obtained will be sent to a supercomputer for analysis and AI Processing to discover innovative solutions to social problems. The Group simultaneously works on research and development, business development, and business alliances to establish such a system that could realize the future society of Society 5.0/5.1.

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