2020-10-05 updated

【News】Kamakura city installs HAL Labor Support to reduce the workloads of paramedics

Kamakura City, Kanagawa prefecture, announced that the city installed HAL Lumbar Type for Labor Support to reduce the workload of paramedics and to promote further achievement of female paramedics. The units will be used from October 5, 2020. HAL Lumbar Type will be placed in three different firefighting stations of Kamakura city.

Kamakura city decided to adopt the product for the following reason
1)Light weight and compact design, so that it could be comfortably be worn by female paramedics
2)Shape of the product that does not get in the way during their work
3)Level of assistance that is suited for heavy lifting work
4)Dustproof and waterproof
5)Previous record of being adopted by Ebina City Fire Department

Paramedic training their task while wearing HAL Lumbar Type for Labor Support
(credit: Ebina City Firefighting Department)

Official announcement by Kamakura City (in Japanese only)

HAL adopted by Ebina city firefighting department

Trial installation of HAL Lumbar Type by Tsukuba city firefighting department (in Japanese only)

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