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2023-12-04 updated

【IR】Director Shinji Honda assigned as CYBERDYNE Chief Operating Officer

CYBERDYNE Inc. (the “Company) announces that it has decided to appoint Shinji Honda, as a new Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Company, effective December 18, 2023. This appointment was resolved at a meeting of the Board of Directors today to strengthen the Company’s management execution structure.

Shinji Honda (Born May 26, 1958)

April 1981 Joined Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.
October 2005 General Manager of U.S. business at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.
June 2008 General Manager of the International Business Division at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.
April 2009 President and Chief Executive Officer at Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America, Inc.
June 2012 Member of the Board, Managing Director and SVP, Corporate Strategy at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.
June 2014 Member of the Board, Senior Managing Director and SVP of Corporate Strategy at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd.
October 2014 Member of the Board, Senior Managing Director and Corporate Strategy Officer at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.
January 2018 Joined Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd. as Executive Officer, SVP of Corporate Strategy
June 2018 Managing Executive Officer and Chief Strategy Officer at Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd.
June 2022 Member of the Board, Non-Executive Director at USS Co., Ltd. (current)
June 2023 Member of the Board, Non-Executive Director at CYBERDYNE Inc.(current)
B.A. in Economics from Kyoto University, M.S. in Management from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Comment from Director Shinji Honda
I am very pleased to join the management of CYBERDYNE as a member of the board, executive director and COO, after serving as a non-executive director of the board for the last six months, It is an exciting opportunity being more directly involved in managing the Company’s global businesses. CYBERDYNE is a distinctive advanced technology-driven company, working to disseminate cybernics treatment through the unique medical device HAL, the world’s first Wearable Cyborg, which promotes the improvement and regeneration of brain-nerve and musculoskeletal systems, as a global standard treatment. We are conducting businesses not only in Japan, but also in the United States, Europe and the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. We are also active in a wide range of fields such as medical and healthcare, nursing and independence support, and we aim to create a “Techno Peer Support Society” and a “Cybernics Industry” through technological innovation.
I deeply resonate with the vision of CYBERDYNE. I will implement this vision into concrete management strategies and plans, and business activities in Japan and all over the world. By achieving sustainable growth and enhancing corporate value in the medium and long term, I will contribute to the stakeholders, including patients, healthcare professionals, shareholders, and employees.

Comment from CEO Yoshiyuki Sankai
We welcome Shinji Honda to the newly created COO position to strengthen our management executive structure. Since CYBERDYNE was listed on the stock exchange, we have been working to expand the product lineup and global dissemination very quickly. At the same time, we have conducted initiatives to realize the company vision globally, such as a C-startup scheme to support startups who could contribute to creating the Cybernics Industry and exploring new business fields through M&A. According to such advances, the importance of the operation side is increasing rapidly. We want to accelerate even more and pioneer the future together with Mr. Honda, who has a rich global business experience.

CYBERDYNE Inc. is a future pioneering company that simultaneously creates innovative technologies, creates new industries, and fosters human resources through these challenges by utilizing Cybernics (*) that fuse “Human” and “Cyber Physical space” (HCPS) to solve various issues facing society. Through these challenges, the Company promotes a virtuous cycle of innovation.
*About Cybernics
Cybernics is a new field that fuses brain/neuroscience, AI, robotics, information, behavioral science, psychology, law, ethics, and management and enables the handling of diverse fields in an integrated manner.

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