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2023-12-05 updated

【IR】Notice on decision to sign business consignment agreement concerning SIP

CYBERDYNE Inc. (the “Company) was selected for the next Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP) Third Phase: Development of Fundamental Technologies, the Establishment of Common Systems, Rules, and Regulation for the Expansion of Human Collaborative Robotics, Theme 6: Development of Social Implementation Technologies for HCPS* Integrated Human Collaborative Robotics to Solve Social Issues” that is led by the Council for Science, Technology, and Innovation (the Cabinet Office of Japan) and decided to sign the business consignment agreement with New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) that is acting as Research Promotion Organization. Details are as follows.

1. Name of the R&D theme that was selected
Development of Social Implementation Technologies for HCPS* Integrated Human Collaborative Robotics to Solve Social Issues.

2. Outline of the R&D theme
As lifestyles and work styles diversify from the need to support the vulnerable and from childcare, there are demands for a safe and secure society where people of all generations can increase their independence and freedom and solve various problems. The Company will work on solving these issues through the following approaches.

(i) An application for various living spaces such as residences, facilities, and workplaces.
(ii) Utilization of HCPS-integrated Cybernics master remote control technology that works together with human information (physiological, physical, behavioral, cognitive, psychological, etc.)
(iii) Non-invasive acquisition and utilization of human information through HCPS-integrated human-collaborative robotics.
(iv) Linkage with other related technologies of the R&D theme to improve the independence and freedom of seniors and people with limited access to transportation.

3. Scheduled period of the R&D project
From September 28, 2023 to March 31, 2028
(The initial contract will be multi-year until FY2025. The decision on whether to continue will be made based on the evaluation by the Cabinet Office and other relevant agencies.)

4. Scheduled amount of consignment
Total of 999 million for FY2023 to FY2025.

5. Prospect
The Company schedules to post the consigned R&D fee in other income. However, the amount will be determined after the evaluation by NEDO. For FY2023, the Company is scheduled to post ¥332 million.

HCPS: Human-Cyber-Physical Space (“Human” + “Cyber-Physical Space”)

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