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2021-07-05 updated

【Media】NHS Digital presented HAL as an example of best practices in digital innovation

The U.K.’s National Health Service (NHS) introduced our HAL Lumbar Type for Well-being in NHS Digital News as an example of best practices in digital innovation to improve adult social welfare. National Health Service (NHS) is a public health service in the United Kingdom that provides free preventive and comprehensive health care in principle. As part of its group, NHS Digital promotes the active use of IT and data services to enable healthcare professionals and patients to receive better care.

(Excerpts from the article)
Robots which help carers to lift people without extra assistance are among dozens of innovations being highlighted as examples of best practice in adult social care. The innovative ways of using digital technology were developed by 69 local authorities as part of the Social Care Digital Innovation Programme and the Social Care Digital Innovation Accelerators projects, which were run by NHS Digital in collaboration with the Local Government Association. The computer-controlled robots – known as ‘cobots’ – were trialled in the Isle of Wight and Hampshire. The robotic devices are worn around the waist and lower back to support carers in lifting, holding and moving people without assistance. The cobots – shown in this video – lessen the risk of injury and fatigue among carers, as well as reducing the need for two carers to work together. This cuts the risk of infection caused by involving an extra person, which has been especially important during the pandemic.