2019.09.04 【Media】Introduction of HAL to Hospital Universiti Sians Malaysia
2019.08.05 【Media】Ambassador Kawada of Embassy of Japan in Poland makes a visit to Constance Care, Warsaw
2019.07.31 【Media】Brooks Rehabilitation reports updates on a patient going through Cybernic Treatment
2019.07.30 【Media】Usage of HAL Lumbar Type for Labor Supports by Firefighters
2019.07.08 【Business Insider Poland】 【Media】Cybernic Treatment in Constance Care Poland was featured by Polish media
2019.07.01 【Media】CYBERDYNE’s challenges was featured by a video made for G20 Summit
2019.06.17 【Media】Neuro-Robotics Rehabilitation and Cybernics Center in Malaysia released an introduction video
2019.04.16 【Media】HAL event in Manila was featured by major media in the Philippines
2019.03.26 【ANA&Saga Prefecture】 HAL Lumbar Type was adopted for Innovation Model Airport Project by ANA and Saga prefecture
2019.03.26 【AIG General] Video on Robocare Service with HAL by AIG
2019.03.07 【JATES】 【Media】Video and article on the 7th Technology Management and Innovation Awards
2019.02.20 【USA First Coast News】 Special Report on a Chronic Spinal Cord Injury Patient’s Journey to Gain Functional Improvement using Cybernic Treatment
2019.01.24 【Prime Minister’s Office of Japan Youtube Channel】 HAL was featured in Society 5.0: Human Ability
2019.01.10 【IEEE】 Brooks Cybernic Treatment Center was featured on IEEE Spectrum
2018.11.29 【AIG Insurance】 AIG General Insurance released a video on testimonials from the participants of Mobility Improvement Program
2018.11.06 【CNN】 CEO Sankai and HAL were featured in CNN’s Great Big Story
2018.11.05 【BBC Click】 HAL and HAL Training at CYBERDYNE STUDIO were featured in BBC Click
2018.08.22 【Mouser Electronics】 Mouser released a video featuring Cyberdyne as part of “Empowering Innovation Together” program
2018.07.19 【The Japan News】 HAL Lumbar Type for Labor Support used in relief
2018.07.18 【NHK World】 Yoshiyuki Sankai participated in Japan-France Startup Evening at France