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2021-08-16 updated

【Media】Yusuke Terada’s experience of HAL was featured on Oricon News

Yusuke Terada is a YouTuber with a disability due to cerebral palsy. Despite his difficulty walking, he has a unique experience of being a comedian and host at a male host club. He set up a YouTube channel, “Teradake-TV,” in 2018 to provide information on disabilities, barrier-free environments, minorities, and diversity through various YouTube projects and interviews with people with disabilities.
He was featured in an article published by Oricon News, talking about his going through the “Daddy Cyborg Project” for his 1-year-old son and how his feeling changed after experiencing HAL.

-Translation of excerpts from the Oricon News article, originally written in Japanese-
“I can now stand up from my wheelchair without gripping anywhere with my hands. One year ago, I was breathing with my shoulders just by walking two, three steps, but I can now do it with ease. I can stand up from my wheelchair while holding my son in my arms. And I can now carry my son to the bathroom and help him bathe. When I see the video of myself in the early stages of the program, I realized that I am now sitting with a much better posture. It is hard to realize major differences day-to-day, but it’s a huge difference when I see my archives on my YouTube Channel. I can walk in much better shape! That fact deeply moved me.


August 16, 2021, Oricon News
Determination of a father who became a “Cyborg” for his son. “I dream of my family walking together, holding hands.”

January 13, 2021,
【Media】YouTuber Yusuke Terada