2018.06.08 update

Deutsche Bank released “Enabling independent lives with Cyberdyne” as part of its PositiveImpact campaign

Deutsche Bank released a advertisement featuring Cyberdyne (the “Company”), “Enabling independent lives with Cyberdyne” as part of their PositiveImpact campaign, which highlights endeavors towards social contributions.

The advertisement video was first released on the website of Deutsche bank and major SNS. It is also planned to be featured by various mediums around North America, Europe and Asia.

With the help of Deutsche Bank, Cyberdyne issued an convertible bonds with stock acquisition rights through international offering on December 2014. This financing allowed the Company to accelerate the regulatory process, clinical researches around the world, establishing network at global scale, expansion of manufacturing capacity, acquisition of fore-fronted technologies and personnels. The Company established the foundation of its medium-to long-term growth and accelerated its business.

(Website of Deutsche Bank)