2020-08-01 updated

【Media】Japanese YouTuber Maco release a new video on HAL

Maco is a popular YouTuber living Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture.
She goes by the nickname of “Princess Mononoke of the present” because of she used to work in the mountains as thatchers and hunters.
In July 2018, she became paralyzed in the lower half of her body due to an accident. Even after being paralyzed, she continues to live her life as she used to, disseminating information that could make her and her supporters life richer.

Maco visited Tsukuba Robocare Center March, 2020 and she published numbers of videos related to her experience in the Center.
If there is further updates on Maco, it will be posted on this page

July 31, 2020
Blue? Red? “Hell” of a hot spring in Beppu  (in Japanese only)

July 28, 2020
I was expecting Hot Springs to be more relaxing XD (in Japanese only)

May 19, 2020
1 month later. Mid-term report on project to tone the stomach (in Japanese only)

April 24, 2020
Commencing project to tone the stomach (in Japanese only)

March 23, 2020
Trying the HAL Lower Limb Type (in Japanese only)

March 13, 2020
Trying the HAL Lumbar Type (in Japanese only)