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2020-09-28 updated

【Media】Malaysian national TV features Cybernics Treatment Center in Melaysia

Malaysian national TV network, RTM news featured SOCSO Rehabilitation Center that is operating the company’s device HAL in Malaysia.

Link to the video (available in Malay only)

Nor Sharfinaz Sari dived into the services and assistance provided by Social Security Organisation Rehabilitation centre (PERKESO) Ayer Keroh, Melaka.

The chief executive PERKESO, Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Azman Aziz Mohamad says “One of the technologies which I think we can be most proud of and which we can promote
is the Cyberdyne robotics therapy, which is using Japanese technology to help those with spinal cord injury as well as those with stroke; to recover and allowing them to be independent and able to walk again.”

Azmi Hashim, one of the patients shared, “there are many types of the facilities provided here for us, all types of exercises and benefits. I was in a wheelchair when I first came, I am able to ambulate with a walking stick in just 2 weeks and now I can walk independently.”

Patient, Rody Sophian Joeseh then shared that, “when I first came here my legs were very weak and numb. I had to use a lot of energy from my arms when I wanted to stand up. But after a few months here, exercising under the guidance of therapist and trainer, I am seeing improvement.”

Please refer to the following pdf for full translation of the video clip
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