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2021-09-03 updated

【News】CYBERDYNE signs strategic partnership agreement with MIE Racing

CYBERDYNE Inc. (Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, President & CEO: Yoshiyuki Sankai, referred to as “the Company”) announces a strategic partnership (from now on referred to as “the Partnership”) with MIE Racing (represented by Midori Moriwaki). MIE Racing is known for participating in the Superbike World Championship (SBK) as the MIE Racing Honda Team. The Company entered into this strategic partnership to revolutionize its advanced core technologies in a field that requires innovation daily and to strengthen the Company’s business in the mobility-related field comprehensively.

MIE Racing’s philosophy is to continue innovating in motorcycling by utilizing the development, prototyping, manufacturing, and management skills that Midori Moriwaki has cultivated through racing motorcycles in Japan and overseas under extreme conditions. Through this partnership, MIE Racing will continue to develop and challenge further breakthroughs in the motorcycles competition to open up new fields of mobility.
The Group has advanced core technologies such as IoH/IoT sensing, artificially intelligent autonomous driving robot, Cybernic mobility, environmental recognition, Big Data analysis, AI analysis, and cloud, and technology that integrates humans with robots. In addition, MIE Racing has been working on developing autonomous robots for cleaning and transportation, next-generation Cybernic mobility, and other mobility fields. Through this partnership, CYBERDYNE will work with MIE Racing on prototyping, manufacturing, and coordination with the related industries to develop products related to the mobility field and promote associated businesses by utilizing MIE Racing’s superbike technology and development capabilities.

About MIE Racing
MIE stands for Midori International Engineering. Based on the spirit of “Beyond the Best,” MIE Racing is a team that constantly trains its creative mind through a challenging environment of racing where time and resources are always limited, enabling the team to develop innovative technologies. MIE Racing always aims for the best results in the competition while also sharing their technology to contribute to society by creating opportunities to obtain effective information for the next-generation mobility that CYBERDYNE aims to achieve.

The Group aims to realize Society 5.0/5.1, a new vision of society based on Techno-Peer Support. To realize this society, the Group works to create an industry based on innovative Cybernics Technology capable of fusing “humans” and cyberspace (virtual world)/physical space (real world). The foundation of Cybernics Technology is the Internet of Humans/Internet of Things (“IoH/IoT”), Robots, and AI. The technology connects various fields such as medicine, nursing-care, production, and other workplaces with households. The Group aims to create a new industry based on this technology to solve various problems that exist in our society today. The Group’s business has a unique advantage in accessing and integrating information inside the human body (such as Brain-nerve and vital systems) and information outside the human body (such as behavioral, life, and environmental). The information obtained will be sent to a supercomputer for analysis and AI Processing to discover innovative solutions to social problems. The Group simultaneously works on research and development, business development, and business alliances to establish such a system that could realize the future society of Society 5.0/5.1.

MIE Racing:

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