2019.07.01 update

【Media】CYBERDYNE’s challenges was featured by a video made for G20 Summit

Official SNS Account of G20 Summit published a video which highlighted the challenges of CYBERDYNE.

As one of the countermeasure to problems caused by aging, CYBERDYNE’s innovative technology was featured in a video “Adapting to Aging Society” that was made for G20 Summit which was held in Osaka, Japan.

On the second half of the video from 1:01 to 1:51, the video highlighted HAL Lumbar Type for Care Support and Well-being as an innovative technology to support both caregivers and care receivers. It also highlighted CYBERDYNE’s challenges in Malaysia to utilize HAL for Medical Use Lower Limb Type and HAL for Well-being Single Joint Type in hospitals operated by Malaysian Social Security Organization (SOCSO) to improve the functions of patients with disability.

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