2019.07.08 update

【Media】Cybernic Treatment in Constance Care Poland was featured by Polish media

Polish media published an article featuring Cyberdynes Medical HAL systems that are used for treatment in Constance Care, Warsaw, Poland. The article is made from an interview with Jacek Walukiewicz, President of Constance Care Centrum Rehabilitacji (“Constance Care”)  

Full Article (in Polish)

1. HAL is the only exoskeleton in the world that can be described as active, i.e. a device that works only when it receives an order originated in the brain. 

2. After long years of work on HAL, Constance Care have fantastcially trained physiotherapist who know that each patient is different and that there is no single standard machine setting. 

3. The quality of the treatment and the scope and time in which Constance Care obtained positive effects of improving patients health caused that the largest Polish insurance companies WARTA and PZU to sign dedicated contracts with Constance Care to cover the cost of treatment with HAL. Constance Care treat people injured in transports accidents. All treatment activities including HAL treatment are paid. This is a reciprocal benefit, but the patinets themselves are the biggest winners. 

4. The types of diseases in which HAL treatment can be used include: stroke, incomplete spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and neuromuscular diseases that require a separate and individual approach to the scope and frequency of this treatment. 

5. HAL Treatment, properly applied, supplemented with specialized physiotherapeutic treatments tailored to individual patients needs, brings sometimes surprising results. Some patients, convicted by the best doctors on a wheelchair, get up, walk. On the SNS page of Constance Care progress and results of conducted treatment are always posted. 

6. There are many visually similar devices in the world known as exoskeletons, but there is only one acting in this way and it is HAL. I do not know of other devices with similar performanc in the phase of official implementation.

Cybernic Treatment with Medical HAL, covered by private insurance has been started in Poland (June, 2017)

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